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Are you trying to report an issue with the oils not adding correctly? They look like they've added up correctly on our end, so I'm not sure of the problem. Can you explain?
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Yes for example in the oil section one recipe in grams it says 50 almond oil, 10.1 beeswax, 25 caster oil, 64.9 cocoa butter, 75 coconut oil, and 275 olive oil equals 949.27... Im not the best with math sometimes but thats wrong. in % its 10+2.02+5+12.98+15+55=100. ill try and attach photos of a before and after recipe and theres post on the board complaining about things not being right.
Janet Patterson is happy to be here.
Welcome, Janet! Guess no one's been looking at this part of the page. So sorry! Have you tried the main forum? There's an Introduction section there. Try www.soapmakingforum.com lots of great help and friendly folks. Happy soaping!!