Thin trace


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Jul 20, 2021
Hi every one , for a long time I have been struggling for a thin trace recipe ( which remains thin for Intricate designs )and failed tons of time , tried different ratios of oil but have no success
Can anyone help me formulate a thin trace recipe which is moisturising and makes soop reasonably hard to last longer
The oils easily available
1) palm oil
2) palm stearin
3) rice bran oil
4) sunflower oil
5) castor oil
6) canola oil
7) soya oil
8) mustard oil
10) olive oil ( but quiet expensive in India
I always put citric acid for DOS
11) Shea butter
12) cocoa butter
13) coconut oil
Will highly appreciate Your help


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Apr 18, 2020
I'm not an expert at this but it might be use of your stick blender. If you want a thin batter then you only want to mix as little as possible until you get an emulsion. Try using the blender only for a few seconds to make sure everything is fully mixed then move to a whisk.
Check your ratio of saturated vs unsaturated oils. Too high on the saturated side can speed things up.
Also, know your fragrances. Several will speed up trace. Only purchase fragrance from a seller who tells you all things the fragrance will do in soap - speed trace, discolor, ricing, etc.
Liberal use of other additives like milk powders and clay can also be the culprit.
Swirls are SO much fun.