Soap classes


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Sep 20, 2019
Does anyone teach soap making classes? What does one charge? After 25 years of making CP soap I’m thinking of teaching classes. Any suggestions?


Sep 7, 2019
Upper Peninsula of Michigan/ Florida Gulf Coast
I do, but only as part of a community effort to use an old school. The funding comes from a small millage in our county, so it's enough for them to keep the lights on but not to offer free programs. They rent a few spaces permanently, but I can do it there as part of the effort. Anyway, I would buy all of the ingredients and then divide the amount by the students. I'd tell them to bring their own shoebox or loaf pan sized containers for molds, bring fragrance oil or essential oil if using, and to wear long sleeves. I provide the ingredients for fragrance-free soap, the equipment, and the safety googles, the recipe and handouts, etc. The cost is not very much (just enough to cover the costs plus about 15%). I think it was $25 for the three hour class.

About 10 years ago, I gave some soap to a friend to try- and she now has a very successful business. That's very satisfying!


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Feb 29, 2020
$45 per person for a 2.5 hour class. Class size 2 to 3 students in my kitchen.
I provide all materials and supplies. Each student makes a 400g batch.
We do CPOP. The students pour their batter into 4 oz paper cups -like the kind you get catchup in where the sides pull apart. With these 4 oz paper cups, they have nice uniform round bars to take home. I buy the cups at the restaurant supply store. They take their soap home in another food box I get at the restaurant supply store. The six round soaps fit in the to go food type box. Because we oven process and we use the 1:1 method, their round bars are ready often ready to unmold before they leave.
If the student has time and wants to make a second 400g batch, the additional cost is $10. They can also purchase bars.
I can go on and on about all the logistics I have down for classes... lol!
It is more fun than selling soap at farmer's markets!
I have people on a waiting list.
Post on your local Meetup.
Also, you can create a "local experience" on Airbnb for soapmaking.