oil/fat/wax section: 1) add drop down to organize 2) alternate row shading


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Nov 8, 2019
hi, 2 suggestions that I think may be of practical help

1) add a drop down allowing users to organize the oils, for instance the current is highest to lowest. but could it be grouped by the hardness of the oils? I always weigh and melt my butters, wax first and coconut oil first, and then add the liquid ones. alphabetical as well? not sure how else

2) i like to print off recipes as i make them, or adjust them and make new batches. and I find myself a bit cross eyed at times haha... reading from left to right, what if, like in an excel spreadsheet, the rows of oils were back ground shaded slightly. I think it'd help reading across. it should be useful for people working off a large tablet and those printing. especially when we're up soaping, tired, after everyone else has gone to bed! haha


Sep 7, 2019
Upper Peninsula of Michigan/ Florida Gulf Coast
1. Sure, we could look into changing the order of the ingredients. I’ll see what will work, but I think we’ll have to have it so that the soaper can set the order they want, if not the default. Otherwise, too many search criteria may be impossible to do. Do you think that would work?

2. I don’t know if we can do this- I’ll check.

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