Errors in Recipes Based on Mold Size


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Sep 20, 2019
Issue 1 Cyl. volume calculation

Calculation of volume is 1/2 of what is should be. This is likely a programming error.

Issue 2 volume calculation for both Cyl. and Rect.

When determining the amount of oil for the given volume of a mold the formula soapmakingfriend simply defaults to volume to weight factor of .4 for imperial or .692 for metric.

This does not factor in the lye concentration or the superfat content.

The purpose of recalculating the formula is to create enough batter to meet a certain volume. If I increase the lye concentration, this decreases the amount of water and means the volume of the batter will decrease. To maintain the given volume, the amount of oil and NaOH needs to be increased.

here is a link to the discussion on ==>Soapmaking Friend - Recipes Based on Mold Size

I have provided a matrix of lye concentrations and superfat percents and the associated volume to weight factor. Use of a matrix like this would significantly improve the volume calculation.


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