Autofill option


New member
Sep 11, 2019
I have a few suggestions for hopefully small tweaks to make the calculator even more awesome than it already it (it's the only one I ever use, btw).

1. The Select Oils section has a box where one can start typing to bring up the name of the oil. Could you add that same function to the Custom Additives section?

2. In the Custom Additives section, there are options to select % of oils and % of total batch. Could you add an option for % of liquid?

3. In the Notes section, the automatic double-space after each paragraph makes my recipes go onto a second page, which is such a waste for just a few lines of text. Could you change the double-spacing to single-spacing?

4. When the recipe is printed, could you make add the fragrance weight to the Fragrances section? All the other sections in the printed version show the weight of the item(s) in that section. But for fragrance, we have to look up to the Recipe Totals area to find the weight. Makes it harder to check off or note any changes during measuring, etc.

Thanks so much!