Although a nice site, major features do not work


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Mar 29, 2021
I just transferred all my materials to this site, as initially it looked awesome and an answer to all my problems, but I have found major features not working or not existing at all:
1) I cannot edit, copy or delete a batch. Thus I cannot remove wrong or test batches, I cannot add cure photos or notes. The only way to fix a wrong batch, is by creating one more from scratch but then my remaining supplies are all wrong.
2) Lye and water used in the batches is not being subtracted from the supplies. And it is not included in the costs of the batch either.

I consider the two above almost deal breakers as I cannot keep my batches and supplies updated and I cannot keep track of my lye and water supply and cost.

There are also other minor issues that I have found so far:
3) I cannot edit a purchase to remove or add supplies.
4) When I add Cure time by number of days, it adds the days on today's date and not on the Batch Date as it should.

I know for example that for the 1) issue, a lot of people have raised a ticket for it to be resolved and it's still unresolved. Is someone actively working on this site to maintain it and fix bugs? I would appreciate an honest reply, as if it's not, I would prefer not to spend more time on its use.


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