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    B22 Pumpkin Smise

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    Some bugs on the website?

    I've also got issues with my lye weights not coming up in batches, and some of my oils are wrong or negative numbers.
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    B21 Orange

    All liquid is aloe juice.
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    B20 Apricot

    All liquid is aloe juice. [email protected], very slow trace. Cut 4 days later (25 April) and VERY soft. Check after 2 months, 25 June, to see if it's still weird.
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    B19 Cookies

    All liquid is aloe juice. Soaped @36C, fast trace. Cut 22 April/Ready 22 June. Uncolored, 3in round mold.
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    B18 Squish

    All liquid is aloe juice. 1mL neem seed oil, ROE in the castor oil.
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    B17 Bubittles

    All liquid is aloe juice. Used mad micas blue and purple, with charcoal for black. Soaped @33 C, medium to quick trace. Cut 1 March/ Ready 1 May
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    B16 Pumpkin Spice

    All liquid is aloe juice. Soaped @ 45C, medium trace. Cut 20 Feb/Ready 20 April. Colors: Nurture Soap brown mica, sunburst+mad mica orange.
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    B8 Big Block

    Tetrasodium EDTA 39g. All liquid is aloe juice. Hemp/BCS/castor contain ROE. Blue/orange/uncolored. This turned out to be one of our favorite soaps!
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    B14 Caroline

    All liquid is aloe juice. Pink/yellow/green/black micas.
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    B15 Peppermint Tea Tree

    All liquid is Aloe juice. Soaped @ 60 C, traced so fast haha (so much shea and castor oil) Probably didn't need to use NaLactate. Used nurture green mica and uncolored.
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    B13 C-Word 3

    Quick trace. Purple/green/orange/black micas.
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    B12 Chiro

    All liquid is aloe juice. Soaped 9/24/21 @ 28C, med trace. Untinted (egg yolk yellow), Sirens Song (blue), Force of Nature (green), MC Pewter+Charcoal (grey). Still red palm tinted at 1 month, but lighter.
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    B11 Borage

    All liquid is Aloe juice. Soaped 24 July 21 @30C, med trace. Used a bit too much NaEDTA. Charcoal (black), purple/blue/yellow micas, uncolored. DOS on all bars from the cutting wire of lies. Has a nice feel though.
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    B10 Kaleidoscope

    All liquid is aloe juice. Charcoal for black, TiO2 for white, trial by fire (red) nurture mica, and 24k/mad mica yellow. Used sunflower oil for mixer, closer to 8% SF. Red palm tint DISAPPEARED after about 3-4 months curing! TiO2 was perfect white!
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    B9 Beaky Squeaky

    All liquid aloe juice. Soaped 1 Dec 20 @30C, quick trace. Hanger swirl with Platinum (white), Charcoal (black) & mix of red, orange, yellow, sunburst, scarlet (orange). Was going for red, but turned out fluorescent orange/red. This is definitely my favorite soap so far.
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    B7 Leftovers

    Aloe juice as liquid. ROE premixed into cumin seed oil @ 1 ppt Soaped 7 Nov 20 @ 38C, normal trace. Pink and orange mica powders, untinted.
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    B6 A-pear-ently You Stink

    Tetrasodium EDTA @.05% =7.5g 15g of 50% solution to fats before lye ROE added to Hemp oil. Soaped 4 Nov 20 @ 32C, long time to trace. Green, yellow, white, grey
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    B5 Wash Uranus

    1 tsp Sodium Ascorbate to lye water and aloe juice and a little bit of glycerin for shits and giggles. Fragrances have been mixed with kaolin clay and soaked a couple days. Soaped 29 Oct 20 @ 40C, quick trace. Chartreuse (green), Blue tub, purple tub, Onyx (black)
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    HP Glycerin Liq Soap

    Lye solvent is Glycerin, no water. Saline solution (20%) 400mL distilled water and 100g NaCl. Microwave 2 minutes stirring @ 1 minute or until dissolved. Use to thicken soap after fragrance. Start at 30g soln and stir. Add more 2-4g at a time until warm honey consistency. Too much will chunk and...