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    Post Your Soap!

    We are going to create an Instagram Profile for SMF that highlights users soaps .... So if you would like be featured please include; A few photos we can use What you want to promote (username, real name, business, etc.)
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    Soapmaking Friend Survey

    Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey! It really guides us in knowing what we should be focusing on for you! Soapmaking Friend Survey
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    Soapmaking Friend Changelog

    This will be our repository for communicating changes.
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    New Version is Live!

    The new version of is live! Please let us know if you spot any issues. We have some design tweaks for mobile coming in the next few days and are aware of those.
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    Big Changes!

    We have some really HUGE updates coming soon. We have completely written and will shortly be launching a new version with all features completed and bugs fixed. It's almost ready and available for testing here; Soapmaking Recipe Builder & Lye Calculator
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    Just wanted to add a quick note here to say welcome and make sure all can post here just fine! If you can post, please reply to this thread.