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    Can't get recipe out of "Edit" mode

    I began a recipe, Shave Soap-No.1, yesterday and tapped the Edit button because I'd actually started filling the recipe out some time ago. And kept changing several things, after which I'd press Save because it's an old habit. Some things, like the date and 2 of the oils/fats, were edited at the...
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    Copying a recipe, then giving it a new name

    The title of this thread may seem obvious to some but it's stumping me. I made a recipe some 5 months ago and it came out so wonderful that I'm being asked to make it again, with some additions. I'm now trying very hard to recreate the recipe in what I thought was a shortcut, but like the...
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    Help with lard in brine soap

    Hi everyone, I'd like some advice about making a recipe for my son and his gf who both have oily skin and sporadic breakouts. My son buys Neutrogena Face Wash, and last Nov bought Lush's activated charcoal soap to try and likes both (I gave him heck for buying the Lush soap w/out asking me...