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    bug: fractionated coocnut oil properties are incorrect

    bubbles should be 3 not 100 cleansing should be 3 not 100 hardness should 0 unless coconut oil is special and the addition fatty acid profile is ignored in favor of other in?
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    fractionated coconut oil properties are incorrect for cleansing, bubbly and hardness. The other two coconut oil properties are suspect, too?

    Please note that the fatty acid profile is correct, but the properties are incorrect for fractionated coconut. Please correct the cleaning and bubbly properties and hardness properties. 100 for the three properties are incorrect. For bubbles, cleansing and hardness it should be 3 (lauric...
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    cetyl alcohol, sorbitol, glycerin

    can these three items be added to the additives section? cetyl alcohol helps increase longevity of foam and helps with stability of emulsion for liquid soaps. 1-3% of ow. for shaving soap, 3-5% ow sorbitol can be used instead of sugar and it won't carmelize when doing high temp soap making...
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    public post of recipes

    I have two recipes that are private but seem to have been publicly share? I did click the "no share" option, so what's up with that? How do you unshare something?