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    Inventory Units please?

    I may be missing something but I don't see anywhere to choose litres/millilitres as a unit for for any of the liquids. Is this something that will be added soon? All my oils are measured in Australian metric millilitres Australian Metric Cups and Spoons Cups Millilitres 1 cup 250ml 3/4...
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    Who are you?

    Thankyou!! I seem to find new and very helpful features on here every time I visit or click on something I havent tried before!
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    Slow moving swirl recipe

    5 Tips for Swirling Cold Process Soap - Soap Queen This page has a really great amount of information in a short space. For myself, no amount of Soaping Calculator can replicate real life chemistry...and time improves any bar of soap! Lots of trial, lots of "what went wrong?" but mainly go...