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    Edit/Copy Batch in My Batches

    I let the developer know- I'll keep you posted!
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    Salt and Sugar Conversion to Percentage

    I don't know about the percentages, but 1 tsp is about 5 grams.
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    Lactic Acid

    Yes, I’ve asked the developer to do that.
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    I need a little help!

    I don’t know what you mean about not seeing the weight measurements in section 3- can you elaborate on that? Superfat means the amount of excess fats in the soap that aren’t saponified (turned into soap) by the lye. It’s a percentage of the extra fat. A good rule of thumb is 5%, but in some...
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    Recipe calculator

    I guess because some people use older lye that may have absorbed some water, or bought new olive oil that may be different, it’s encouraged to use the calculator every time. I don’t- I have the same brand of lye and the same deer tallow, so I just use the recipe I’ve always used for those...
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    I need a little help!

    Firs, I don’t think you are masterbatching the lye. That means to make a specific concentration of lye water up in advance for all of your batches. If you are using 6 ounces of water and 2.3 ounces of lye, that’s a specific amount not a master batch. So leave that part blank. Net, since...
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    potential math issue

    I think it should be included- after all it does add some weight/volume.
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    Packaging Question

    I don't know about adding all of the essential oils, as right now we're just adding the fragrances individually in the line below the fragrance box- but it's possible that it will be on the list of features soon!
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    Citrus essential oils going "off" in CP soap

    I never have had that happen- could it be related to a particular brand or type? Or amount? I tend to use bergamot and orange, not lemon, but I would think it would be similar.
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    Adding new fat

    In order to keep the database 100% "clean" and correct, we add items when asked to, as needed. If you can give me the information here, we can add the new oil to our database.
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    Info Question

    You can absolutely use our information and our links that are public. We’d love it if you’d provide the source (us) of course if you use our information, that’s the only requirement. I’ll look into getting the definitions, but it won’t be until after this weekend before I can get that started.
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    Info Question

    The bar characteristics are listed on the recipe, on the side, after you create it. Or do you mean for what those definitions mean? I do love the reference materials idea for new soapmakers. The thing is, we can't use other material without permission. We could definitely take original...
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    Melting Soap

    That's a shame. I would hate if that happened to my clothes!
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    CP donut trouble

    That's a good question. In my experience, I've never had soap "stick" to another soap after CP was completed. I am sorry that I have no good suggestions, but I hope someone else does and I'd like to know the answer myself.
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    Melting Soap

    I assume it's not actually "melting", but instead sweating? A while back, I found a good link on sweating (she calls it glycerin dew): Explaining and Preventing Glycerin Dew - Soap Queen