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    I am puzzled , what’s there in soap

    Hi Karen, The only time I have seen something similar to this was due to a fragrance oil. The manufacture stated it was safe to use in soap and the soap turned out to a mushy mess. I would recommend you do a small test batch with no fragrance, along side another small test batch with the...
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    Pure Coconut Oil

    Hello Hello, I agree with ChemicalPyros. I am from Jamaica and coconut oil from the islands usually has a slightly nutty, warm aroma. My recommendation is to pair it with a FO like vanilla, chocolate, even a pineapple just in case in peaks through it will still blend with you fragrance of choice.
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    Editing Supplies in a Batch

    Hi SirenSoapsNZ, The owner / admin announced a few weeks ago that they will be releasing an update to hopefully fix some of the issues. There is a forum for the issue with the batch functionality.
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    Who are you?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to soap making, however I started making skin products over a decade ago.