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    Some bugs on the website?

    I also just noticed that when you make a batch and choose to resize, the ingredients does not proportionally go up or down. They remain fixed at the recipe's original weight. This messes with the inventory quantity and how much stuff you have remaining, rendering the inventory management kinda...
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    Some bugs on the website?

    Hi, I just noticed these few things while using the website: 1. When creating a recipe, there is an option to create based on the total batch size. So for example I decide to create a batch of 1750g of soap, this feature doesnt work by default when the option above (the L x W x H dimensions)...
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    Fragrance oils section: adding a breakdown

    A percentage breakdown would be lovely to see... similar to the oils. You say how much % and it shows you how much grams, and the calculator tallies to 100%. Right now I do them on an excel sheet (i have a lot of flavours and blends), then manually paste the values on the fragrance section. It...