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    dish soap 2

    2 part glycerin: 1 part water: 1part lye dilution water: = 35% of 16oz = since this is a dish soap, do more concentrate 50P% and add more water if needed 32 oz water add sodium lactate to the oils; add sugar to the oils; add cetyl alcohol to the oils preservative post cook superfat: mct oil...
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    bug: fractionated coocnut oil properties are incorrect

    fractionated coconut oil is mostly Caprylic/Captric Trigyleride and will produce a very soft soft, per: Fractionated Coconut Oil ( I recommend the programmer uses the current fatty acid profiles, and then corrects the property fields to do the right math. I think mct oil might...
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    bug: fractionated coocnut oil properties are incorrect

    the fatty acids profiles are correct. Its just the math for the properties is wrong. Fatty acid profile links: l Soapmaking Oil Chart – Lovin Soap Studio Here's a picture from another site. I think mct = fractionated coconut oil?
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    bug: fractionated coocnut oil properties are incorrect

    Hi. Thank you for confirming that it's simple math of fatty acids profiles, and not something special or unique feature of coconut. I looked up fatty acid profile on three separate sites before submitting. I usually use 76 degree coconut oil, and was excited to try the fractionated oil...
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    bug: fractionated coocnut oil properties are incorrect

    bubbles should be 3 not 100 cleansing should be 3 not 100 hardness should 0 unless coconut oil is special and the addition fatty acid profile is ignored in favor of other in?
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    fractionated coconut oil properties are incorrect for cleansing, bubbly and hardness. The other two coconut oil properties are suspect, too?

    Please note that the fatty acid profile is correct, but the properties are incorrect for fractionated coconut. Please correct the cleaning and bubbly properties and hardness properties. 100 for the three properties are incorrect. For bubbles, cleansing and hardness it should be 3 (lauric...
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    Any chemists want to take a guess what happened?

    Hi. I replicated your formula in the calculator and a couple of this caught my eye: I wonder if : 1,) liquids: for the lye liquid: 1 part water:1part glycerin: 1 part lye would be better. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with 2 parts glycerin: 1 part lye. Glycerin is an accelerant...
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    First batch of soap - did I screw up the calculations?

    .Hi. i converted your numbers to grams and go numbers similar to yours, but i think you used the fluid oz to ml conversion number and should have used the oz to g conversion number of 28.34 vs 29.57. I recommend you formulate with weight, not volume. pick one method for the entire process to...
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    Dry skin after Castile type liquid soap

    ah. if clarity is your focus, then stearic and palmitic acids might be the cause. higher amount can cause cloudiness. Aslo, are you adding any essential oils after the ls has finished? without a solubilizer, e.o. can cause cloudiness. One other thought, you might want to explore adding...
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    High Oleic Sunflower Oil

    the more oleic acid, the faster the oxidation rate (oils go rancid rate) = decrease in longevity. I'd recommend you add an anti-oxidant at the end. saturated fats, such as many butters have, have a longer shelf life as they don't oxidize (go rancid) as fast. Most soft oils have unsaturated...
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    Product Liability Insurance

    also the indie beauty network has insurance for reasonable rate
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    Are there places that sell the individual triglycerides that make up the oils that go into soap?

    Hi. Can you say a little more about what problem you're trying to solve? e.g. increase speed to trace? Increase transparency?
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    shampoo bar recipe needs help

    Hi. you can't make shampoo bars using a soap method. As mentioned above, you can make hair and scalp cleansing soap bars, but not shampoo bars. all soaps are alkaline. Shampoo is usually acidic, but no tear formula are around pH 7, usually. shampoo chemistry is very different than soap...
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    I think I just made a MAJOR boo-boo....

    hi. either the soap hasn't finished saponification, or you have excess lye. as you add ingredients to the pot, do you happen to write it down on the printed recipe? I do this to double check my quantities. If you're confident it's not an excess lye situation, then cooking should help finish...
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    Dry skin after Castile type liquid soap

    you can see in the revised formula it's bubbly, its creamy and it's conditioning. don't let the cleansing in the red fool you. this puppy will still clean. you could always eliminate 5% castor oil and up the coconut oil if you're worried about cleansing. Personally, i think castor oil is skin...