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    35 oz recipe

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    Man Scent Essential Oil Blend

    Hi all! I'm looking for a nice man scent blend. I'm thinking on the lines of fir needle or Cedarwood. or something that you've tried and gotten great feedback from. Thanks!!
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    Fav recipe less cocoa butter

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    Rosemary Mint Soap Recipe??

    Sorry for the confusion :)I'm talking about essential oil and a recipe for the essential oil blend for a Rosemary Mint soap. Just a tried and true blend that the rosemary mint really shines. Thanks.
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    Rosemary Mint Soap Recipe??

    Hello!! I am on the hunt for a beautiful Rosemary Mint (Spearmint or Peppermint) soap recipe, Many I am finding have other oils in (which is great usually), but concerneing when they seem to be at such a higher percentage than the mint. Not sure if that is just the nature of the mint, (ie...
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    jerika z recipe. 2.5lbs

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    Fav recipe revised/no palm

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    New Recipe