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    Image not saving

    Yes, it shows the image uploading, then you can see a checkmark in a circle. The image still shows "Cancel Upload" and it never saves.
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    Image not saving

    I've been trying to add an image to a recipe and it shows that it uploads, I hit save, but it never saves. Am I doing something wrong? I don't see a button for upload, it just shows "Drop Image Here"
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    Is there a pro version?
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    I agree! Would love to do that as well. Currently I keep everything in Excel, but would be really nice to do it in an online database. I would even be willing to pay. Or maybe some of the soap suppliers could get together and sponsor the site/maintenance. :)
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    Who are you?

    I agree with @Anneli, I love love love this recipe builder, saver, inventory keeper, and batch keeper! I don't currently use all the features, but probably will one day. I'm still pretty new to soaping and keep most everything on spreadsheets, but when/if I start selling, the other features...